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Our Care

Our Care

We provide childcare for children of all ages.

Eivers Lane - Baby

Baby Room

(0-12 Months)

In our baby room we strive to provide a special personal and detailed level of care and attention to each baby in our care.  We follow each babies own routine from home and babies are fed, changed and put to sleep on demand.

Eivers Lane - Wobbler


(12-24 Months)

The wobbler room caters for children 1 to 2 years.  The room has 2 staff and 10 children and children have daily access to the outdoors.  All meals are provided in the room and the children have a sleep room for naps.


(2-3 Years)

The toddler ratio 1:6 and most mornings we have 12 children in the room.  The children here are preparing for the transition to playschool and pre-school.

Eivers Lane - Infant

Play School

(3-4 Years)

Children transition from the toddler room into play school and here they begin the preparation for pre-school. Here the children begin to make friendships with others and express themselves through their own interests.


(4-5 Years)

The pre-school rooms provide all children access to the ECCE free pre-school year.  Children qualify from 3 years of age and some children can access 2 free years. Pre-school children staying after ECCE hours go to the full day care room. Here children have dinner and tea with us and play outdoors & indoors daily.

Eivers Lane - After School

After School

(5-16 Years)

The after school runs from the Canon Donohoe Hall next door and children are collected from both local St. Manchan’s NS and Hunt NS.  We provide a breakfast club and school drop off every morning during the school term.  We provide Halloween, Mid-Term, Easter & Summer camps during the school holidays. Homework time and full hot dinner is provided daily to all after school children.

Our Centre

A quick look inside Eivers Lane.


Kind words from happy customers.

I recently moved back to Leitrim from Dublin and wasn’t sure where to place my daughter. After asking around the name Eivers Lane kept on coming up. So my daughter and I went for a visit. She loved it immediately and has settled into her new “school”.

When I gave birth to my second child Cian, I had to quickly return to work as I run my own business. I can’t tell you how happy I was to be able to leave my 3 month old son at Eivers Lane, knowing he’s being taken care of by the lovely staff there.

It’s great having a childcare centre like Eivers Lane on my doorstep. It means I know that my kids are getting the best of care. Enabling me to work from home part-time. Its great to get that work-life balance and to be able to focus.

My husband and I both work full-time jobs. I work in Longford and my husband in Cavan Town, this makes picking up the little ones from school difficult. But we enrolled our kids into Eivers Lane, so that important 2pm-6pm slot is taken care of. This is a life-saver for us.

My daughter Aoife is lactose intolerant. I was worried that a nursery wouldn’t be able to cater for her needs. Aoife is very happy with the lovely meals that Eivers Lane have provided for her.

This is the best child care centre for miles around. The staff are so friendly, and down to earth. It feels great dropping my child off knowing he’ll be taken care of. It’s one less thing to worry about.

Clean, modern and well built. Eivers Lane is a professional and well run establishment. The staff are great and very friendly. My kids love attending and come home with stories of all the “adventures” they’ve had that day. Thank you.


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Our Staff

Some of the friendly faces you’ll see.

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